Thursday, April 19, 2007

assignm3nt 7en

Wow, this project was alot more fun than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed putting this piece together and learned something about myself while doing it. The one thing that I learned that will stick with me for a while is that I can really use the colour green to my advantage. Green and all shades and hues of green are the best colours found in the colour wheel. Man green is a sweet colour. Anyways on the double page spread I ran into a dilema as I wanted to make the 'This Bud's for you' article take up the whole thing but unfortunatly the article wasn't long enough and I wanted to keep to a contemporary modern and stylistic look for the redesign and if I threw in a bunch of pictures about people smoking weed or joints and marijuana plants than it would tip alittle onto the controversial side, so i decided to keep it simple. Which I find is my specialty when something is to busy and cluttered it can be distracting and even boring at times, so I like to keep alot of my work intriguing yet simple; as you can probably tell by this project. The pot leaf was originally going to have a text wrap around it and not a text overlay, but that was causing alot of problems and because of the many points and complex shape of the image illustrator didn't want to work in the way I had hoped. So having the text over top of the leaf I noticed its not really that hard to read, so i lightened the leaf up a bit and found that it actually looked really good with the overlay. From that I decided to do the same thing for the 300 article, sure I could've put a nice pic of the spartans, but really theres to much text for that so i extrated the title logo lightened it up threw it in my white space resized it and got what you see now. Another thing that surprised me is how well that brown works with my greens, like man i really wasnt expecting that i just used it on the front cover originally to see how it would look as i was putting together my colour palette and found that it is a gorgeous brown; which is hard to find with brown, a colour that is usually used improprarly and in retarded places. The text i used is one of the nicest fonts i have ever seen, it is called Kabel and i suggest that everyone get it, such a nice font with a great flow, the only time i didnt use it was in the articles where i used Perpetua; a font i use whenever i have to write something up, fuck times new roman and helvetica use Perpetua. i dont know what else to say i'm really pleased with the turnout of the whole thing, the front cover has some beautiful colours and a nice symetry to it. the beer glass i made completly with illustrator and my memory and i like how it turned out it really fits in nicely. Ya hope you like it, i know i do and i look forward to doing more projects like this in the future.

Monday, April 2, 2007

assi9nment nine

well first of all, making this file a jpeg really made it look shitty.... I apologize for that. Now lets see this design went through numerous phases, why did I choose this one... maybe I couldnt think of anything else, maybe it was late at night and I was tired, maybe I really like the colours and didn't know how to incorporate them without it overwhelming the text element. Well its probably a combonation of all those and a few more. The earlier designs I had for this kinda disguised the text in an unfavorable way and I feel this 'retro-ish' style really helped it and the soft warm colours helped to express the peaceful feeling that the palace should have. Right the palace, maybe I should explain that a bit. Well the palace of peace and reconcilliation is a place in kazhakstan were all the leaders of major religions gather and talk about god and peace and other stuff that probably wont make to much of a difference in our lives. But I wanted to get the feeling that the palace was for people from all over the world, which is the main reason I choose to construct it using different languages all saying 'peace and reconciliation' and 'world religion'. The colours I felt were appropriate because I wanted to use yellow (light coming down from heaven) and blue (serenity, peace, calm) but how is the hard question. I probably could've made this a different style but I like what I have here and it is a good for experimenting, which is what I've been doing alot of this semester. Also the main part of this piece is the text, one version I had was just a white background with the text but obviously something as boring as that wouldn't fly even though it looked good. So that is the reason for choosing the simplistic background and colour styles is because I wanted the text to be the most noticeable. ya, I don't know what else to say.... oh here is a picture of what the palace originally looked like.

Monday, March 26, 2007

8ighth assignment

This piece is probably one of my best this semester, of course its all a matter of opinion. But out of all my classes I'd say this is my favorite piece, everything about it is appealing. Joseph Muller-Brockmann's work really appealed to me for its simplicity and the geometric shapes that are used to constructe his grid system. My favorite thing about this piece are the colours, though they didnt print out exactly, the richness of those off colours are very appealing and the fact that there is absolutletly no white anywhere in the poster is another design 'turn on' for me. Every since I was young the colour (shade) white has simply disgusted me, there was a time when I'd walk around feeling nauseus because there was so much white around me. So I gave the text side a creamy off white that I really really like its alittle darker but softer then white and alot more comforting, which is an interesting contrast for the other side which is full of darker more precise colours. But despite that the black of the text helps to balance the two sides out. One may notice that there are no capital letters anywhere in the text and its a very simple font (myriad) that looks like a skinny arial. Though through my research I discovered that Brockmann is a fan of simplicity and font styling like that, having very little capital letters in any of his poster and a very simple yet noticeable font. Finally the reason I choose to do all the text in Swedish is simply because Brockmann is swiss and I thought that if there was going to be an exhibition for his work it mine as well be in Switzerland and if its in Switzerland the text isn't going to be in english. Another reason was just a little spice give it something different, the fact that the viewer can't read it can attract them even more giving them a wanter for more. What does it mean? Is it all just random words? Why not english? Should I try to translate it? or they might even try to translate it all on their own or whatever parts they can. If that personal translation is done succesful then the viewer will get a sense of accomplishment and like the poster even more in return. There could be other things that the text inspires but thats all I can think of right now. Anyways not much else to say about this piece, so the next few pictures are just sources inspiration that I had while constructing this piece.

7 re-do

This is my lighthouse logo re-do. In this version I put more work into the logo and discovered that it had more potential then I originally thought. There are many excuses I could drop to cover up why I didn't do any of this in the first place, but they're all irrelevent at this point. Liking the direction I took with the pictogram in the lighthouse, I wanted to incorporate that same idea on the other side to give the logo a sense of symmetry. So i replaced the 'O' with a piece of sushi as the lighthouse is a sushi bar. Then not wanting to stop there I decided to use another simple pictogram so I put in two chopsticks as an underline for the text. As for the light coming from the lighthouse I don't really like the light spewing out but I threw one in for the viewer to decide exactly what version they prefer, and I took it out for the black and white because I found it to be out of place, though it was an implication of light the fact that it was grey just threw the composition out the window. But ya thats about all I have to say for this one, hope you like it

Monday, March 12, 2007

Seven7h assignment

This is the logo before I took it under my wing.

and this is the finished product.
I decided to give the Japanese sushi bar/restaurant a more modern touch.
I apologize there’s no colour version of the logo, but I decided that a straight black and white image was more appropriate for what I was going for. The logo was made mostly in Photoshop, using multiple layers and filters. I used Illustrator for the text and for drawing the lighthouse that takes the place of the ‘I’. Another reason I choose to do it using mostly text is because I only recently got into using text to design, so I’m trying to take this new skill and develop it into a powerful tool. But ultimately, though the logo is simple, I feel it needs no further work as it strongly communicates the style I was trying to get across. If I was to do more it would probably be along the lines of giving the lighthouse a beacon shining from the top, and applying a gradient to the letters to give the effect that light is shining on them. But when I was experimenting with that idea it complicated the logo to much and took away from what I was trying to accomplish. So in all I feel the logo could give the restaurant a more modern touch and a touch of class. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

6ssignment six

This version is actually my second attempt at this poster. My first try was just to tacky and lame, there was originality in it but nothing about it really appealed to me. I had a blue and green gradient underneath a brick wall for the background, which slightly discoloured the brick. A record containing the text and the font name spewing from a spray can. In retrospect I thought it was a good idea but the way I had it assembled and how it was presented was just tacky. So I got rid of everything 'cept the text and came up with this. Using the record as inspiration I made this picture of a turntable using illustrator and threw the text on. Then the font name 'Graffit' was put together using three layers; two text layers one with outer glow, then the paint brush and the smudge tool on the third. The lines would've been more stylized, but the straight line seems more appropriate for using up that space at the bottom, as stylized lines would require more room at the side. All in all I prefer this one much more then the original, more simple and straight forward without to much clutter and nonsense distracting the viewer from whats important.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007